Flights to Los Banos, CA: The Heart of Central California

Roll out the welcome carpet, my friends, because we're setting sail...or rather, taking flight to the heart of California, the charming city of Los Banos. Put away your towel and bathrobe, folks; despite the name, we're not talking about a spa city but a delightful Californian gem with a quirkier-than-expected name.

Flights online

Los Banos, this Central Valley wonder, unfortunately doesn't have its own commercial airport. But hold your horses, dear reader, it's not the end of our flight booking journey! Merced Regional Airport (MCE) is here to save the day, just a stone's throw away (well, about 30 miles). Contour Airlines graces the tarmac here, offering direct flights to Las Vegas (LAS). Alternatively, you can saunter over to San Jose International Airport (SJC), around 80 miles away, for a wider variety of cheap flights.

Now, let's not "banos" around the issue, we want you in Los Banos quicker than a duck on a June bug. From Merced, you can catch The Bus (that's the literal name, I promise), Route 6, down Highway 165 and you'll be in Los Banos in about an hour. From San Jose, Greyhound’s Route 17 along Interstate 5 and Highway 152 is your best bet, usually clocking in at about 3 hours.

The journey begins

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So don't let the promise of an exciting trip "drain away" (see what I did there?). Use our flight booking service and be on your way to Los Banos faster than you can say "duck, duck, goose." So let's get you "soaking" up the Central Valley sunshine and charm of Los Banos. The city is waiting, and so are those flight deals! Remember, what happens in Los Banos, stays in Los Banos...unless it involves a duck!